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Logic Learning

In AI 2, we are talking about learning algorithims, how they work, and what they can do. The shear concept of a computer "learning" to me seems quite weird. I guess you could say, the only thing a computer can learn is something you’ve taught it how to learn. It’s interesting how this might be true even of something as complex of the human brain. How many people have learned something beyond what they are capable of knowing? I’m guessing 1: Jesus.

I mean think about it…. How can we possibly know what we can’t learn. How can we learn to learn something we don’t know is possible to be learned. It’s a very strange question. I think this might be the one reason we might never have a fully artificial intelligent computer. I don’t think we know the limits of what we can learn, and therefore, how can we teach a computer beyond our own limits of comprehension. I have heard of computers that find things before humans, but I have yet to see a computer discover the next big thing in life.

I do wonder what the next big thing is. My guess is that it is in fact the end of the world. Not because I believe in the crazy hysteria of some old man or because it just seems like a good time for the planet to end. Not because a lot of the prophecies in the bible reguarding the event have come true (although, even with this knowledge, it could still be hundreds if not thousands of years). Heck, not even because I say so. I just feel like the human race has abused it’s luck, wether it be divine luck or really really interesting odds luck as science like to talk about. It has to end sometime, and I must admit I can’t wait to meet God.

In other news: I have one more homework assignment left for this week. I finished the main part and understanding of the first problem about 30 minutes ago. I’ll do the rest of the problems tomorrow as well as some reasearch. I’m sure I’ll get it done in time. I must admit, when I sit down and read the book, word for word, and think about what they are trying to explain, it always does come to me. It’s just a matter of taking the time to learn what I need to learn. I really should try more to read my college books. Afterall, it is the last few weeks of school for me (ever possibly) so I might as well try to get them as right as possible.

Computer Club is on friday. Anyone got anything cool that doesn’t involve a computer entirely. I’m thinking if there is really nice weather, maybe we’ll find a way to spend a portion of it outside. What do computers and the great outdoors have to do with each other? Not much as many nerds would have you believe.

Oh yeah, I have to call Chrissy and Nikki (my cousins) tomorrow. Just do.

Racing is also just 3 days away. I can’t wait.

I am still finding it amazing how something as simple as a fantasy racing league can make people interested in a sport that to the same people was the dumbest thing ever. I believe the word is vested interest.

Well, you can tell I’ve gotten to the end of the post because my paragraphs have gotten shorter and my thoughts more and more random. I would talk about Amber‘s trip to the doctor’s office, or my parents still being out of town, or maybe even my personal fincial status, but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it.

Well, fair winds for now. 

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