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It was a good day…

Damn it.

Today was a good day. I enjoyed the nice weather we were having. The amount of laundry I got done. The amount of webpages I fixed. The amount of TV I didn’t watch. The amount of time I spent with Amber. The food I ate. Overall, it was a great day, until about 30 minutes ago.

That’s when my luck with my primary computer went south AGAIN. It’s really starting to piss me off. Let’s run down the list of what has happened:

The day I got it, the powersupply switch was wrong
Had to get a new motherboard when the firewire fried
Failed hard drive leading to the loss of over 500 gigs of data
Fried graphics card after the fan died
2 dead fansAll of that has added up to about 600 dollars in various repairs/upgrades. Which eh, is to be somewhat expected. What I don’t understand is why this crap keeps happening to me. It’s not like I’m in an dust filled environment, or that the tempature in my room constantly exceeds normal limits (in either direction). It’s not like I’m opening the case and making modifications every other week. Heck, it’s not like it even happens to the same device over and over again.

That’s correct. This time, it was my 19" VX900 Viewsonic that died. The backlight just died. I wasn’t touching it. I wasn’t moving the table. I was writing an email when BLACK. I can still see what is on my screen, just very very very very very very difficult. So at the moment, I’m on my laptop.

On the upside: Viewsonic’s 24 technical support number got me an RMA number, a shipping address, and the promiss of a new one at no additional cost other than the price of shipping it there. I wish they would cross ship, that would make me feel so much better.

In either case, at the moment, I still have my trusty Dell laptop. Haven’t had any problems with this sucker, and I don’t expect I will, and if I do, they’ll be out here within 24 hours fixing it.

I’m still mad.