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A little on sports, weather, and books

I don’t read books very often anymore. I used to read every night before I went to bed. Whether it was some cool sci fi book or homework, I always enjoyed it. Reading was fun for me. I could get lost thinking about what was in the book. That habit got put on hold when I started dating Julie because instead of reading we would talk on the phone. By thte time Julie and I had stopped talking on the phone every night, I was instead on my computer. Presently, I’m dating Amber again, and so the habit again has gotten pushed aside.

What’s that tell you? Honestly, it says it’s my fault I don’t read much anymore. Notice that, I didn’t push the blaim onto anyone but me. I could still take the time to read before I went to bed, or even better, read some other time. This would seem like a logical idea, however, books don’t seem to grab me like they used to. I’m instead thinking of the hours and hours of code I should write, or worse, the video game I should be playing (which I can’t play at the moment because my monitor is gone). Needless to say, I find it refreshing to be re-reading H2G2 and focusing on every word it has to say. The goal: see that every word is mentioned in the movie.

For example, how many of you who have read H2G2 remember who the 3 worst kinds of poetry in the galaxy are/were according to the book? How many of you remember that the book even mentions 3 types of poetry? Just to jog your memory as we warm up for the movie, Vogon poetry comes in third, Azgoth’s of Kria come in second, and until recently (according to the book) is that by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, Englad (but it was destroyed with the Earth). Of course, this isn’t the name that was originally in the book, see http://www.zootle.net/afda/faq/e.shtml for more information on what I’m talking about.

I digress…

Where is my rain? I wanted rain today, and no rain have I gotten. I wanted a reason to have to put my sunroof back in my car, but NO… no rain for Justin. Oh well, even if it had rained, my car was in the garage, so I wouldn’t have to put the sun roof in. The weather people just can’t seem to get it right… I tell ya.

Sports today turned out to be something of great interest for me to watch. Let’s start with Nascar Fantasy Style. Richard lost for the second week in a row, this time John handed him the defeat. I got beat by my Dad because one of my drivers decided to hit the other one (I’m not going to say who hit who, but I don’t think Gordan did the hitting…) Amber beat Nikki with a very impressive score. That brings the league results to (4-2 (John, Richard), 3-3 (Nikki, Dad), 2-4 (Amber, Justin)). At least I’m paired with my honey.

The more interesting story was how the race unfolded. I got off to a very rough start with Jeff Gordan falling 3 laps down by lap 50. His car was overheating and it looked like his tires was bent horribly. Of course, this turned out not to be the case, but still… 3 laps down. Now, this I have never seen… He got 2 laps back by racing on restarts, that put him a lap down. He then raced for his lucky dog, putting him back on the lead lap. He then fought he was through 17 cars to take the lead with 25+ laps left in the race. He held it from there on out. 3 laps down to win the race. That is crazy. I loved every minute of it. And I laughed, because I sent Richard an IM after Jeff went 3 laps down saying "I’m going to laugh when he wins the race".

In either case, good for my streak, but I still lost the fantasy thing.

At Amber‘s house yesterday, the Masters tournament had been on. I watched Tiger fight he way back to 4 under the leader. I had said then that I bet Tiger would come back to win it today, and he made me proud. It was crazy though. I guess most of the morning he fought his way back to get a 3 stroke lead on whoever it was that was winning. The day then continued with them going back and forth. I caught the last 8 holes and it was just crazy. At hole 16, Tiger made a chip in birdy that litterally stopped for a second an inch a away from the hole, then fell in. It was like the perfect taught. That put him 2 up. He then messed up the rest of the tournament causing a tie at the end.

That was crazy.

The playoff though was short. Golf plays sudden death, and Tiger managed to birdy the whole he had just screwed up on moments earlier to win the tournament and the green jacket. I am happy for him, that is his fourth jacket…. I look forward to the day he get’s his 7th, setting a record for one person.

Well, I have some other things I want to get done still tonight, maybe even some homework that isn’t due for a little bit. That would be cool to get a head start on that for once. I have a midterm on Tueseday, I hope that goes well. Must also remember to go to the post office to put this broken monitor in the mail. Fair winds for now world.