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An update so I don’t forget

I’m updating now so that I don’t forget to do it later. I’m feeling pretty productive despite most of the useful stuff I should be getting done not happening. Let’s run through today befure I talk about some random topic.

Woke up this morning to find myself running late, as usual. I ran up to church where we worked on the church’s event registration system. It’s coming along nicely, we are testing our second event, this should be the first one that is done completely online. Here’s hoping it all works out well.

After that I took my trip to the post office to send my monitor out the door. The post office almost didn’t want to send it because of it’s size, but I guess it qualified. I hope it get’s there by wednesday, then maybe I’ll get my monitor back by sometime next week. That would be nice. I do miss having my computer fully functional when it isn’t, but I guess thats ok because I use the laptop 64% of the time anyway.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the new servers I got awhile back. I haven’t had time to get php running on them, but today I did. It took about 5 hours of compiling and dependency finding to get everything involving the webserver installed on the new machines. They are basically 100% identical, which is nice. Only hit one fairly big snag, and it was just an odering issue. So technically, you can see the new servers at:


Of course, this server, the one we have had for almost a year now is what the new servers are here to save, so it’s name is:


Pretty cool naming if you ask me.

I will have to do some reasearch now about high availability email and DNS to see what I can do to help get that a little more stable.

My battery is going low on my laptop… It’s gotten a lot of use today. You know, it’s an amazingly good thing that the internet doesn’t run on batteries (at least not most of it). It’s good that instead we have highly available machines that hopefully don’t get taken down. Hopefully this means more uptime for everyone.

I need to make some upgrades on this server… I realized that today while building the new ones, probably 5 or 6 things that need to be upgraded. Nothing to big.

I also need to get a firewall on the new server. Not sure there is anything on there that is to much trouble, but I have to run a nessus scan on it anyway. I should probably do that now to see what I get back. However, that’s a lot easier to do at MSA.

I’m debating when we are going to put these machines in the rack.

My parents get home today. Part of me really hopes I can see them before they get to bed. I think I might go home early just to do that. Not sure yet. I have another meeting tomorrow morning as well as homework that I need to get done for Wednesday. Plenty to do.

Well, i’m going to save this before my battery goes dead. God save the queen.