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Another Thing Bites the Dust

Many people do not seem to have an entire grasp on their emotions. This is not a suggestion that they should either, but perhaps maybe it is. Most of them in my life are women. I’m not entirely sure what the difference is. Supposidly they mature first. Let’s take for example what should get me riled up more than anything, and how I react to it.

On friday night, we rented Ocean’s 12. I tried to play it in my desktop computer for a moment, only to find it didn’t want to work. Now strange things like this have happened before where it just didn’t want to work, so I ignored it. Today rolled around, and I went to try to burn a DVD when it kept refusing to respond. I put another movie I own into the drive, and it would show that it was trying to see if there was a DVD, but failed to ever read it. So I tried a CD. It read. I tried burning a CDR. It burned. Strange. I tried burning another DVD, it made it a fourth of the way and failed.

Needless to say, after a good hour of testing, flashing, and about a dozen or so cable checks, I gave up and came to the conclusion that the DVD portion of my DVD burner was busted. So to make my list updated, the list of things that have broken on me with this computer now also includes my DVD drive.

I should be furious. I should be so angry that the only device that hasn’t died are my mouse and my TV card. I’m sure if we give it a week…. I ordered a new one. This one is 16x which is nice. I should be able to burn 4x as fast now. Hopefully all my software works with it.

That is an interesting side affect. Everytime my computer breaks, I find myself upgrading to some degree. It’s like naturally phasing out the old parts. I think for the sheer sake of stability, I’m going to put a godaddy giftcard on my christmas with the idea that sooner or later, I will really upgrade the components that haven’t been upgraded… Like for example my processor. (If my processor dies, I’ll be really pissed).

In either case, that’s a fairly big thing. Now realize that to the scale that I am pissed off when one of my pieces of hardware sets me back 100 dollars, is the same level of pissed off-ness that people often get when say, they aren’t getting their way. It’s just a realization.

This is where I put the disclaimer: Honey (Amber), this isn’t about you. I love you. Even though I’m saying that, you still will assume it’s about you, so let me go on to say: Even if it is about you, realize that the reaction your having right now to this page is probably the reaction I’m referring to. Of course, for saying that, I’m now an ass and would have just been better off saying the following:

Honey, I love you.

Now that we have all the sappy stuff as well as the disclaimers out of the way, I feel I should update everyone on the Nascar season.

Richard Won. Dad Won. John Won. Justin Lost. Amber Lost. Nikki Lost. That puts me a good distance in last. My drivers will need to start fighting back soon. I think it’s time I start swapping out my rookie.

My gameboy package is in Minneapolis. It should be here by 10:30 tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t mess my homework schedule up to much. I look forward to at least trying the equipment out.

In some other news: Ok… I don’t have anymore news. I’m going to bed. Night world.

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