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Package 1 Arrived

So the first package is in deed as cool as I had hoped. The package contents: 2 flash cards, 2 flashers, and 1 usb to gameboy cable. What are they for: Gameboy development. That’s right, I can now make my own games. I can also copy, and rebuild games as well, but that’s illegal, so we try to stay away from that stuff as much as we do copying music or videos.

The fact of the matter is: I can make my own gameboy games. I tested it out on a few of the demos I have been writing for computer club and the like, and they sure enough all worked exactly as they did when I programmed them on the computer. It’s just so cool. I love it. That package made my day.

The rest of my day so far as been spent doing homework. This morning it was Networking homework. Right now, it’s databases homework. Tomorrow it will be AI and Math homework. Let’s hope I get it all done so I can start working on some really cool web and gameboy stuff. Maybe some integration between the two… Ok, maybe not.

This post is not looking to be very long, so I’m trying to figure out what I can fill the void with before I run off and do homework for the next 3 hours. Maybe I’ll talk about um… Ok, I really don’t know. Blah. Would it be interesting if I talked about how to go about making a gameboy game and starting a series on that? How about a series on how to surrive school? Maybe a series on what not to do when your on fire? Have I ever really done a series of posts here on any one topic? I suppose not, it would be interesting to try. Maybe I will consider that, and in fact, I think my first series might just have to be on making gameboy games. Maybe making secure webpages. Maybe I just won’t do it.

Maybe I’m indecisive.

Well, life it seems has said it’s time to end this post even though I really haven’t given you anything more since I last said I was going to end the post. I wonder sometimes if I wouldn’t be better off just posting one very important sentence a day and seeing how many people read my blog just to get that one sentences a day.

"One sentence a day is never enough, one picture might be."

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