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2 Words: Race Car


SMS was awesome tonight. For the low price of 20 dollars, Richard and I got close to 100 laps in the simulator. The competition was fiece. The food was good. The woman beautiful. I tell you. That was intense. I’m so back there in 2 weeks for the make-up daytona.

In other racing news, I also managed to win at the fantasy Nascar stuff as well. My Dad managed to beat Richard, and John got beat by Nikki. The field is starting to narrow, maybe a comeback is in site with my new teammate, Kevin Harvick.

The rest of my day was spent working on the othello bot. Our surprisingly simple idea for making him a winner turns out to be surprisingly good. With just a simple function we were able to build a bot that was beating other teams fairly well. I’m hoping it will hold up against the class, although, odds are they will all improve theirs.

I would like to get some sleep tonight. I’m still working on what my plan is for tomorrow. To go to church or to not go to church. To go to pizza thingy or to not go to pizza thingy. There’s a big part of me that wants to spend the day alone til the later afternoon. A day just catching up on me. No one is home. No one could bother me. It might be nice.

Well, I’m off. Fair winds.

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