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What to write about

For my post today I’m trying to figure out what to mention. See, I spent most of the day cleaning. I organized all the papers in my room. I made sure JR’s records were all up to date. I cleaned up my file system. I vaccumed my floor. I picked up the basement. I washed the floor in my bathroom (kinda). I washed my sink and toilet. I vaccumed the basement and steps. I put the shoes where they belong. I moved my bed a little. I cleaned up the files on my laptop.

All in all. It was a lot of cleaning. I also spent a little time watching Notting Hill, eating Pizza with the love of my life, talking to her on the phone, and helping my parents unpack there suit cases.

But in reality: Today was a really simple day. A really nice, simple, day.

With 10 real days of school left, and 4 +/- 1 days of finals left I can say that I enjoy simple. I have a few JR things I need to get done tomorrow, as well as maybe some homework. Other than that. Life is on autopilot at the moment.

I feel I should share something with everyone though. Something that might be useful to you. Do I have anything like that? How about a quote from a movie I only watched 20 seconds of while cleaning up:

"Love actually IS all around."

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