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Time Management

I’ve started to get really task oriented with the timeline of some of the projects we have with JR as well as upcoming homework deadlines and finals. I’m finding this is being pretty effective in keeping me focused on what needs to get done to make sure it all gets done on time. Time is of course not something that should be wasted.

Of course the term "Time Management" is a joke. No one in there right mind can control time. It sadly seems to move at a steady rate into the future, and leaves the past at the exact same rate. We are always stuck in the present making it impossible to understand what is about to happen to us. We can predict. We just can’t know. That is of course, unless your outside the scope of known reality.

I don’t know anyone like that.

My math homework has proven strangely difficult the last few weeks. Not sure why. The math at the beginning of the semester was a breeze, although I lost a lot of point on stupid little problems. Eh, maybe one day I will understand it. Until then, I will just continue to push on and try to solve these math problems that someone obviously has already solved. Where is the fun in that. I suppose that’s learning though. I also suppose that if you solve some problem that hasn’t been solved, then this will only result in you teaching, and the people you teach, teaching others.

Problems are infact a future type object. Solutions are the present. Results are the past. Strange how we can draw these conclusions with minds that are thinking outside the box.

Did I mention that H2G2 is less than 48 hours away? Pending something relatively bad happening of course…

Well, bye!

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