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By the Numbers

At the moment, I’m working on figuring out the drivers for this weekend’s Nascar race at Talladega. I’m currently in 5th out of 6 place. Not to good. In fact, even Nikki is beating me, the girl who isn’t even trying to win.

But if you look deeper at the numbers than that, you’ll notice something is wrong with this. Something so very wrong that it makes you wonder how stats like this come around. Let’s start off by talking about baseball.

Imagine a team if you will, that won half it’s games. They probably wouldn’t be in first (depending on the league) but they would be doing pretty well. No imagine that team, when they won, scored 20 points. Not only that, but imagine the other team didn’t score any. The games they lost were all near ties. Who’s got the better team in the league? The team that has won more games or the team that either creams or ties an opponent? I tend to go with the team that creams or ties, and that’s the boat I seem to be in.

Right now, I have 3 winds, 5 losses. I have 2890 points for, meaning that I’ve managed to earn. That is second in the league with the only person that is higher being Richard (thanks to Jimmy and his streak of top 10’s). In the points against category I am again second, only to John.

It would seem, that the games I lost, either the opponent managed that week to have an up week, or I managed to have a down week by these numbers. It seems, that it would be luck.

Well. I’m sure you all enjoyed that detail into numbers, but I have to get back to some other numbers now… Mainly, some code.

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