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Countdown to the end

In less than 7 hours, the Earth will be plowed over for an interstellar highway, A dead man’s dream will come true and the book’s prophecy about being a movie fufilled.

What’s this mean?

I probably won’t update tonight because I am in fact at the movie theatre watching this tale unfold, with my towel.

In other news, productivy in my life is relatively through the loop. I have managed to attend meetings, code across multiple sites (some of which is quite cool code might I add), and do some homework, all without forgetting to do anything or skipping my classes.

The Lori Project is coming along nicely as well. We are going to be pushing a deadline pretty hard, but we do what we can. We got 3 days til they go live, I guess that’s the most important part. Bugs, are not an option.

I think just in case, I’m going to dump a backup of oxwaf to one of the secondary servers with the code we’ve written so that no matter what happens, the data stays with us.

In other news… I have no other news. Oh 4 more days of school, 4 more days of finals. Giving me 8 more days til the real world.

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