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2 Days To My Last Report

Monday Morning is going to prove if I’m ready for the real world. We launch one of more important client sites monday. I have my last college presentation to make. I have a homework assignment due that night.

And as of right now… Saturday: I’m not ready for any of them.

Let’s make it worse: I supposed to fix someone’s computer tomorrow, do a few things at MSA, go for a walk on sunday, watch Nascar on Sunday, and take Amber to the MOA tomorrow night. It’s not looking good.

I know though, I can do it. I just need to stay focused. If I throw a few slides together I can wing the presentation. Working today lead to most of the websites being done. And after assessing the computer I’m going to visist tomorrow, I can figure out if I want to format it then, or later. It’s all about priorities.

I feel a little shitty that I didn’t do anything fun with anyone tonight. I probably should have made an appearance at John‘s party. I probably should have headed up to church for movie night. I probably should have gone to H2G2 with Richard, or Blaine and Jon, or PK. I probably should have spent the entire night with my honey either watching a movie or attending one of the things I just mentioned. Instead, I spent most of it working, so for those of you who may have been offended by my choice of friday activity, I apologize. Wait 2 weeks, do it again, and I’ll be there (unless you all decided to schedule on the same night again).

A lifetime of freedom from school is only 2 weeks away. Alex likes to ask me what it feels like… I don’t know yet, but I’m starting to feel like I’m going to be lost. Maybe not when school is out. Maybe not right away. I think when school roles around for everyone that is in my life… That’s when things might get weird. We’ll see. I’m not worried. If I was, I would just go back again ;-). That’s called freedom.

I’ve been impressed with myself and my streak of updates. I’m starting to believe it’s the lack of monitor. I’m not sure why either. I used to blog daily when I was still working on a my old pentium 200 box. Then I got the new box with the pretty monitor. Now I’m back on the old monitor, but new box, and I’m updating every night. It’s strange. Maybe I’m drawn to the radiation. I seem to recall some jokes about that.

Well, life beckons me to slow down for a few hours, so that’s what I’m going to go do. Night all.

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