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Today was mostly work. Tomorrow will mostly be work. Monday will mostly be work. Tuesday will be less work (hopefully), and by Wednesday, I should feel like the weight of the world is off me. Thursday, it will all return, and then Friday I will feel more free than I can imagine, with nothing but tests coming at me.


Let’s talk about something other than work, like the break I took with my family and wonderful most amazing girlfriend. We watched Wimbledon, a story of true success. I’m not talking about the Tennis. Kirsten Dunst as always, amazed me. Of course, not because of just her good looks, but because she always seems to me like she is really there.

It’s funny, we weren’t going to watch Wimbledon. In fact, we were going to watch Anchor Man. We made it about 15 minutes into that movie before we said, this just isn’t doing it. My opinion: it was worse than Hitch-hikers. Wimbledon, wasn’t. I loved it. I love British accents. You just can’t go wrong.

Well. I have another hellish day before me. To all of you expecting me to be having a Nascar part, my apologies: No Nascar here for Taladega. I have to much going on. So to sleep I go, hoping that by some miracle of God, tomorrow makes sense.

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