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A Bracelet

Since the end of 7th grade, I have worn a bracelet. It says "Right Now". The bracelet was given to me at church by a man named Christian (sp). Very wise man. I doubt he ever knew what he did for me. I put the bracelet on then, and kept it on. It fell off a few times between then and now, but I always put it right back on.

Lately, signs of age have started to show. It flips itself over on my wrist. The words are almost unreadable. Non of these things were enough to get me to remove it permanently until today. I have decided based on the fact that it has ripped almost in half, that it is time to return to a life without the bracelet.

It’s strange. The bracelet has been with me now for close to 7+ years. It served as a reminder that I was a child of God. I know that now, moreso than I did in 7th grade, moreso probably than I ever have. It served it’s purpose. But was it only there as a reminder to me, or to others as well?

Part of it was designed to help me share my faith with others. Part of it, was designed to show that I’m a christian. It’s those parts that I will now need to replace with something much more powerful than a bracelet. That replacement is my actions.

My actions should show I’m a christian.
My love should tell people I am a christian.
My life should be lived as christ would have lived it.

Can I do it? We’ll see.

In other news: Talladega was today, and it was as much drama as I could have hoped for. The big one managed to show up, taking out over 25 of the cars at once. That has to be close to the largest crash, if not thee largest crash I have ever seen. No one was hurt, which was wonderful. It’s amazing what they surrive in crashes at over 190 mph. Just amazing.

I won my fantasy match, as did Richard and John. This puts me somewhere in the middle now. I’ll have to continue to fight my way back to try to catch Richard. Jeff has been holding his own, as he did win the race today, and Kurt did manage to finish top 10 as well. To bad Amber couldn’t have beaten Rich for me. That would have been helpful. Oh yeah, and then there’s John.

The rest of today was spent working for Lori on some big project. Over 9 hours probably spent working on that today alone. Fab. You gotta love trying to catch all the little bugs are are in these things. Human error, etc. That’s just the way life is I guess. Working with big corporations that are on tight time schedules trying to meet deadlines. It’s a tough job. In fact, even at this moment, I’m still working on it. As soon as all these things finish uploading, I will call it a night, send an email, post this post, and get some sleep. Then tomorrow, it’s all the rest of the fun stuff. It never really stops.

I’ve set a goal for JR this summer. I want it to make 25,000. That probably means 20,000 in profits that would go to me, Blaine, and Jon if we are lucky. Of course, this is a pretty lofty goal, but I think we could do even better than that if we tried really hard. Heck. 25,000 could be 1 website depending on who it ends up being. Maybe a little computer repair would be nice as well.

Just believe in destiny. Don’t care what people say, just follow your own way. – Enigma

God has a plan, don’t forget it.

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