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Staying Busy, 3 to go.

3 days of school remain not counting files. CCRC is basically done. Artspace needs a few things. I have databases due tomorrow. Two AI homeworks due Friday, and then that’s it. No more. Done.

I keep talking about how I will be done. I must be excited but holding it in. My last lunch with Richard as far as our school time lunchs will be this thursday. It’s not like I won’t see him anymore after that, Afterall, we have Nascar SRA this weekend.

It’s strange. Everytime there is an SRA event, there is also a Saturday Night Race. We never get to watch the whole race because the SRA event says we have to shut them off. Go figure.

I’m trying to stay focused but my brain is pretty much shot after today. I did a whole lot of crap for CCRC. I managed to give a pretty good presentation on my project for AI2. I managed to finish my networking on time. All in all, I surrvived today exteremely well.

Chipotle tasted extra good too.

I almost miss my job.

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