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2 Homeworks, 2 Days, then relax

So I’m still counting down til the end of the year. I have two fairly larger homework assignments, both in the field of AI, due friday. I figure I should get one done if at all possible tomorrow, and one done thursday. That will of course prove to be difficult I’m sure.

CCRC is basically done. We have a few more things to do for them, but other than that, I think the site is public. It’s funny, before this month, I think the ratio of emails from family compared to that of non family was like 1:100 against. In the last week, its about 5:1 for (For every 5 emails I get from family, I get 1 from not family). Kind of funny what happens to your email when you mix family with business.

I’m still in stressed mode though. I haven’t let my guard down yet. That’s probably a good thing. Besides doing homework and whatever CCRC will come after me with tomorrow, I also need to be up at 6:30 AM to go clean the spyware off of a clients pc. It must be spyware season because its the second time in a week that someone has called asking for that. It’s good money either way, and at the moment, JR could use it.

Did I mention today that I love Amber? If only I could get her to write some documentation.

My grandparents got in today. I haven’t seen them yet, but they did in fact arrive. Hopefully they brought some warm weather with them. I will probably get to see them for a brief bit tomorrow night if I don’t go to Amber‘s after church. We’ll see. Homework afterall.

Well, I need to stay away from this machine for a little bit longer, it still stresses me out just looking at it ;-). Anyone got any bright ideas on how I can get the monitor company (Viewsonic) to get my monitor back to me sooner? I really do miss my 19 inches of goodness. If I don’t get an email about it being on it’s way by Friday, I’ll give them a phone call. 7-14 business days is technically just under 3 weeks, which it will be next wednesday. There’s no reason support should be that slow.

Ok, well that’s my blurb for the night. I should also be counting down posts to 1000. Anyone got any bright ideas on what I should do when I reach that point?