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The final test

My homework carreer is now finished. 1 more week of tests and then I am done. Done Done Done Done Done.

By 4:00pm today, I was dead. Yesterday writing my paper, today finishing up some CCRC stuff as well as another homework assignment. But at 4:00pm when that homework was due, I was finished. Done. The last paper for a grade I will ever have to write. Not the last thing that will ever be judged, but the last one that I must turn in for a letter grade.

8 Hours later, I sit here writing this post, and how do I feel now? Still dead. You would expect relief, excited, amazed. The truth is, I haven’t recovered from this week. The homework, the code, the debugging, the phone calls, the emails, the conference calls, the broken hardware, the life I have chosen to live. All of them unloaded at me as if to say, this…. This is your final test.

I passed. (I Hope, still waiting on all the grading)

What have I told people I would do after all this mess? I would sleep. That is what I’m off to do… Probably til racing tomorrow.

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