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A Nascar Update

Another great night at SMS motor speedway. I made it to the b level this time, which should mean I finished 13th overall on the night. Not to bad, but not where I wanted to finish. I’ll have to again try harder. Richard managed to make to the final race, although along the way he managed to piss off at least 2 other drivers. He seems to be a fan of the squeeze tactic. Eh, what can you do…

In either case, Nascar on Fox was also going on at the same time again. I managed to beat John, Richard beat Nikki, and Amber managed to beat my dad. That puts Richard out front, with John close behind, followed by me and my dad, then nikki, then Amber. Not to shabby I guess.

I’ve started work on another new design. I’m not sure I like it, but it is me.

Well, I best get some sleep. Church in the morning. Life continues. I want more Nascar. Oh well.

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