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Sleep in order

I have my first of four finals tomorrow. Not to worried about it. Knowing me, I’ll start studying for it about 3 or 4 hours before hand and then just go and see what happens. I’ve never failed a course at the U of M, I don’t plan on starting now. Short term memory is really all you need for this kind of thing.

I kind of want to work my ass off, but not on this monitor. I suppose I could go get my laptop or something, eh. I don’t know. I just feel like it should all be over right now. I don’t want to go take a test tomorrow. I don’t want to do anything. I want a vacation. My last summer vacation, but I’m not going to have that. I have to work. JR will be big. JR will be enough to live off of. JR will get me a home, and Blaine, and Jon. We will have fun doing it, and we won’t lose our humanity.

Losing our humanity. That’s something that comes with corporations. I’ve decided that. They have all these rules and regulations to protect themselves from getting screwed over. Makes sense, and I’m not dissing that at all. At the same time, what happen to the trust.

I mean think about it. Employee’s have contracts to insure both that they get paid and to insure that the company get’s work. The employee is always at the disadvantage though, but it’s generally excepted that nothing can go wrong with the company. Of course, then you look at things like Enron, and you wonder where the misplaced trust came from. I like to say that smaller companies can rely more on trust. And to some degree that’s true.

I don’t know.

I need sleep.

I’m sure I will have things to do for CCRC tomorrow as well, seeing as that never really stopped. Who knows. I should check to make sure everything is in fact still working. I guess we will see.

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