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Design Woes

Some of you may have noticed my new design. It features my bedroom wall being used as links. Yes, that is my bedroom wall (with a few minor modifications. The Jpeg quality isn’t very high for bandwidth considerations, and the links aren’t as precise as they could be, but all in all it worked out pretty well. It’s also nice to have the archives back.

As far as my wall goes, it’s surprising how many people have entered my room in some form of shock. Basically, I never understood why we were not allowed to write on the walls. They are in fact, just that, walls. Our parents say we can’t, but really, why is that? Why should I conform. So I didn’t. It started with my 2nd bedroom (the pink one which is no longer part of my house) and my ceiling. I drew a good number of faces that year. Of course, that wall got torn down.

When the new room was formed, I started doing it again. I was on the phone with Julie if I remember correctly. I needed a place to write down the title of a book (which just so happened to be this book: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0375704434/thesupermario-20)

I believe that is the first one that ended up on my wall. Again, followed by a bunch of faces and quotes. That leads to two back to back nights which may very well be documented somewhere in my blog already. Thos were the nights I think we filled up the walls the most. Then there was Ben, Mike, and Cory going for the largest piece of artwork which they still hold to this day. It’s strange how something as simple as your walls can hold so many memories, if only you let it.

Of course, walls can hold negative memories as well. There are some bad quotes on my wall that I normall don’t like to think about. No reason really, they were just written when my head was in the wrong place. Then there’s dents in the wall that come from things like kicking and head bunts. Of course, I don’t have any of those in this room, but I think one of my old ones did.

Of course dents in the wall can be funny (to some people). See Richards basement wall for refrence. There are both the infamous PK dent as well as the dents from my mother commenting on the dents of ping pong. What can you do I say.

I love Amber. She is working on Oxwaf Documentation right now it sounds like. That’s good. That needed doing.

I have another final tomorrow. AI I believe. Don’t really want to take this one either, but eh, I guess I have to. Life is what it is. I can’t wait to get my grades back though. I want to know that this chapter is done with. I want to figure out how I’m going to move into the next. I want a challenge that isn’t going to drive my mad for once. I want to be free.

I should read more.

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