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Watching what you eat

I was in a fairly weird mood most of the day. I just didn’t care. I didn’t want to take my final. I didn’t want to work. I didn’t want to be in love with Amber. I didn’t want to do much of anything, other than sleep and play gameboy and watch it rain.

Not the best of moods to be in. Now most people would attribute this to something. Amber thought it was just my mind being lost with regards to being unsure about whats going to happen to me now that I’m down with school. School has in fact played such a large role in my life, how can I live without it? But somehow, I always like to think that my problems aren’t mental but physical.

My theory: Something was missing from my diet. I asked myself this afternoon, what has changed that might have caused these problems. It hits me square in the face. Last week I had 4 meat based means (3 cheeseburgers and a french dip). So far this week, I had chipotle (also mainly mean, but had some rice). I’ve also started drinking Code Red and Livewire again.

I personally don’t remember Livewire or Codered causing problems until I stopped drinking them (caffine headaches and the like), so I decided it must be the meat thing. Normally my diet consists of lots of pasta. I mean lots. Like enough to feed a small army every week. I slow down drastically when I’m not eating my pasta. I had a small boost of it on Sunday which explains why I was in a pretty good mood on Sunday (I was kind of down on saturday as well, despite SRA). Tonight again I had pasta, and my mood seems to have switched around almost in an hour.

Now I know food shouldn’t be the solution to these kinds of problems, but it seemed to work for me. Then again, it could have just been relaxing for 2 hours watching House and Law and Order (by the way, I love House).

2 of my 4 finals are done. I have 1 more tomorrow and 1 more friday. I just finished my cheat sheet for the math one tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll do just fine. I’ll print it in the morning.

Night world.

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