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I’ve started doing a little work tonight with the TV on in the corner of my screen. This was something I used to do all the time when playing Ultima Online. I’d go fishing, and watch TV, or I’d go chopping and watch TV. I’d work on my websites, and watch TV. I loved watching TV in teh corner of my screen.

I miss always watching shows like Friends, Frasier, Star Trek, Will and Grace, Raymond, X-Men, Boy Meets World. They were all part of my nightly routine. They are in fact mostly a waste of time designed to put my mind on other things, but still, humans need that. Something to pass the time til we are all called home.

I’m also playing a video game called Mario and Luigi’s Superstar Saga. I’m in love with it so far. It feels a lot like Super Mario RPG, but a little simpler. I’m still liking it alot. Very innovative.

Amber is taking her nursing class. This is a change for us. We are used to see each other at least every other day. When I would get busy and not have time for her because of things in my life, it would often result in some strife in our relationship. She is now the one that is busy, and to my surprise, it’s still hard, but we are doing fairly well. It’s good to know that we can handle being apart.

Well. Sleep.

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