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I got to thinking today that I\’m not very focused with this site. It has always been my playground for new ideas, things I want to record, and otherwise (mostly) useless information. I find that focus or topics don\’t really exist. Sites like Mezzoblue are successful because of their readership sharing interest in the topic. Same with Stop Design and all the other major blogs out there.

Is this wrong though? Is it ok that my blog is for the most part random? Why is it people read it? According to my stats, I\’m using less bandwidth than Alex, but more than most of the other blogs on my server. That says something on this site people are finding interesting or useful, while others of you like something about Alex\’s site more. Maybe it\’s linkage, maybe it\’s the number of posts, maybe it\’s the attention to a topic. Maybe… Maybe he\’s just better 😉 (yes, he is).

So what\’s the point? The point is, I\’m going to bounce topics the rest of this post with mostly not entirely useful information.

I saw Batman Begins tonight. Great movie. Best Batman movie to date. Go see it. It rivals Marvels ability to make a good movie (although Marvel has had a few flops, but it\’s comparible to both spiderman and x-men). I\’m curious if they will try to either remake the older movies, or if their attention to syncing was on purpose. There isn\’t much more I can say about the ending other than of course that he goes on to fight more bad guys in later movies. Go figure. In either case, the Drive in was great with Amber and John. Lots of fun jokes, lots of good times, lots of good memories.

I\’m a little down about what all I got done today. I didn\’t get much JR stuff done because the cutover we did at MSA took longer than expected. Yes, that\’s right. Cutover. What\’s that you ask? Well, it\’s a term phone techs use when they move phone lines over to a new system or network. Today, we moved 5 phone lines and 19 channels of a T1 (A full T1 has 24, but we are using 5 of the channels for phone lines) over to POPP Telecom. I helped them get the router and phone bank installed.

How did I help? What could I do? Well, I watched, asked questions, and I even ran a cable through a pipe into our server room. I\’ve always wanted to use the snake we had laying around. We ran a string just to make sure that it would in fact be easy if we need to run another one someday. In either case, we got all the phone lines moved over as well as the IP addresses to the new server. For Dan\’s sake, he should note this. The IP address you see on mnmsa.org is the new IP address, and we have the 73-77 assignable. 73 – Firewall, 74 – Aurora, 75 – Mario (for now), and 76 – Luigi (for now). All moved over, hopefully all working.

I\’m a little dissappointed that I haven\’t gotten any comments in regard to the nifty bookmark tool. I noticed that 6 people have looked at it, and 3 have actually installed it. I would love to hear the comments of those who installed it. Getting an account is simple, the link is to the right in the section about how you need one to make a comment. Registration is simple, and I don\’t do anything with it. So try it out. It will be worth it (hopefully), plus I need to find out if there are any bugs.

I don\’t have any other news except I love Moby – Play at the moment. Mainly because it was sitting on my desk when I got home tonight. Great CD, gotta love old Moby. I\’m not a big fan of any of the new stuff but this is all the stuff I grew up listening to. Oh my, listen to that last sentence. I\’m getting old.

For that reason, I\’m going to sleep away my days.

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