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What Other People Got For Christmas (Part 3)

So tonight was the night of the great big Christmas bash at our house. The only family was in attendance, along with a few new comers (new boyfriends and girlfriends). All in all, another fantastic evening, and to top it all off, Jerry (My uncle who is normally easy money) won the poker tournament that we normally have. It made my night because no one saw it coming.

So what was given tonight?

  • To My Cousin John –
    • $25.00 to Best Buy
    • $50.00 to Target
    • $40.00 Cash (He wants a ski pass that costs like $250)
  •  To My Grandma –
    • 3 books (I would give titles but I have a bad memory)
  • To My Grandpa –
    • $25.00  Gift Card to a Hobby shop

I don’t know if I forgot anyone. I think that was pretty much it.

Also, 2 nights ago, I attended one of my clients Christmas  parties. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to post pictures soon (along with pictures for all the other events). In any case, there I gave all the team members a hard cover copy of the book they sell. It went over very well, and we had a nice book signing afterwards.

In any case… There is one more Christmas party to be hand tonight with Amber’s family… then it’s time to recoup from the stress that is Christmas :-). As much as it is important to slow down this time of year, I’m just not feeling it as much as I have other years.  With everything that happened, I’ll probably be posting about Christmas until February.

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  • Richard December 30, 2007, 11:27 am

    haha, Christmas is great. Something came in the mail today. I'll post about it but right now, Cool, very very cool. Thank you very much.