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Blogging To The Money Part 1 – Welcome (The Idea)

I’m not sure if this will be the official title for this… But for now this is what it will be…

This is February’s Theme:

Blogging To The Money Part 1

I have but one goal: I want to create a blog over the course of the month of February that is both a traffic generator, as well as a revenue generator. That means, that I have roughly 28 days to get the site online and generator some form of income. Is this a realistic goal? Probably not… Will it give me something interesting to blog about for the next month? Without a doubt. So with that, let me get started already!

The first thing we need is an idea to blog about. Random blogs rarely work in the scheme of things because they attempt to go after to broad an audience. For this reason, something like Rinsefirst would probably never work to be either an insanely good Traffic Generator, or a revenue generator. So where do we get this idea… Well let’s categorize it by work involved… The way I see it, we can either all blog about 1 of 2 things:

  • Things we know
  • Things we don’t know

Blogging about things we know has the advantage that we won’t have to think as hard when we right it. That can also be a downside as it becomes very easy to over-estimate our audiences abilities to grasp what we are talking about. Blogging about things we don’t know can be much more difficult, as it requires research to learn before each and every post. On the upside it makes the moment very much “here and now”.

I must admit, I am very interested in trying to write about things I don’t know… It would force education upon me, but alas, this project of mine is rather time stretched, so I feel I must go forward with things I know. Although I don’t think I know all that much (wait a second…), there is one topic I think I know a lot about, and that is computers (duh).

So I think I have my idea.. It will be a computer-type blog (oh no, not another one).

There are still things left to be determined with my idea… I don’t want to dive into all of them right now for it would give away all my secrets far to early in the game… But some things to think about for those of you who might be playing along:

  • Audience – Who in the world do you think your going to get to read this blog.
    • For mine, I’m going to target computer users ;-). I might get a little more specific than that.
  • Title – Come up with something catchy
    • Hmmmm
  • Perspective/Mood/Style – You going to do it reporting style with no emotion like a news blog, or are you going to do it more from personal experience.
    • I think I’m going to do it very 1st person… I have this idea that I want to brand myself a little more than I already have… Maybe something as the CEO of JR Computer Associates. Maybe something else..
  • Delivery/Length/Frequency – How long do you want your posts to be? Quick bits with lots daily, or 1 or 2 posts a week that have some real substance.
    • I think I will go daily (it fits with my audience and my timeline)

So let the fun begin. I’m actually going to be getting ahead of the game, but don’t worry I’ll write posts that talk about every step along the way (as well as how well I’m doing):

Blogging To The Money Status:
Non-Time Cost So Far: $0.00
Amount Made: $0.00
Net: $0.00

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  • Richard January 31, 2008, 9:27 pm

    If you really want to blog about computers…

    We could do a co-blog and develop this game idea I have. Document the process of developing an indie game. Might even make some money in the mean time.

    Possibly an idea for the future.