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Fun Day, Fun Night

So I finally did it. I got up for more than 10 feet on a wakeboard!!! WOOOT!!!! boy that was fun… I even did some tricks I guess. Of course they weren’t on purpose or anything, but I did them anyway. Sim says they are called backside butter slide and a lip slide. Isn’t that cool?

I also again decided I didn’t like my white skin and instead replaced it with this off shade of red. It looks pretty good, except not…

Went to damon’s with John, Sim, Beth, and Nikki. Ate food. Harrassed waiter. Played Trivia. Paid Bill. All Good. Went back to my place. Shot pool. Talked with friends. Watched TV. Ate bread. Went home. It was fun. Now I must show John what this does.

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