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The Problems I Create For Myself

So this new iPhone toy is driving me mad.

So far I have it doing the following for me:

  • Geotagging and automatically uploading photos to my smug account
  • Getting my email
  • Providing me hours of training material in video form
  • Making my contacts easier to use than ever.
  • Making Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and Itunes easier to use than ever.
  • Providing me pointless sound effects to improve my nerd factor.
  • Handling all my voice calling needs
  • And probably a half dozen other things (I think I have close to 20+ apps installed at this point)

In any case, this thing breeds innovation in me… I think I have a list of apps I would love to build for this thing (or at least try). So as a programmer, I quickly went and downloaded the SDK…

That went great until I discovered I needed to dev on a mac.

So I transfered the SDK to what I still consider to be a rather nice power pc quad style running 10.4.

Thought that would do it for me, except I guess I need Mac OS X 10.5 and an intel processor.

Sadly, that leaves me with no solution that I can find in my house… Amber has a solution for me though: Go and buy her a mac (that I can then use to do whatever it is I want to do). Seems a bit excessive, especially since she wants a laptop, and the most I’d probably be willing to pay for to do my dev work on would be a mac mini (If it’s not going to be my primary, why worry about it).

So my question is this: Anyone know of a place that provides remote desktop style mac hosting that I could use for dev work that has a month to month plan in the 10 to 20 dollar range :-)? That would be ideal. I know MediaTemple is beta testing something but they dont have a price listed :-(.

It probably isn’t all that important… Afterall.. when the heck am I going to find the time to develope an app for the iphone… I’ve got a million other things to do… Not to mention getting married.