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Lich King Arrives

I thought since I’m back in the world of warcraft that I should mention Lich King came out today. I wont be getting it until I hit level 70, or christmas (whichever may come first). In any case, I thought it’s launch was kind of funny.

Most of the time, when a video game is released, you can’t buy it until say “midnight” in your given time zone. Well, becasue this is a world wide game, it seems Blizzard decided to launch the game across all servers at 9:00PM PST. (Which makes sense given the way servers work).

Well I guess (stupid) people wanted blizzard to write code that either brought each set of servers up at midnight in their respective time zones… OR, prevent players from upgrading based on their time zone… In either case, that idea is stupid… But I love one of their staffers replies to the stupid complainers:

“We’re working to ensure the sun reaches all areas of the world at the same time of day and plan to have this corrected in a future patch.”

It seems Blizzard is working on another way to solve the time problem I mentioned in my last post :-).

It really was though, the perfect response to all the stupid people who think Blizzard should have launched there game in any way other than how they did. After all, who cares when they launch it, as long as they launch on or before when they say they will.