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Time well spent

After an afternoon of chaos as to whether or not we were going to get their on time, Sim and I finally arrived at Chanhassen. We looked good, we had tickets, all that was waiting for us was for us to take our place and start devouring the amazingly good food.

We got in and got our table right away. We met some nice older people who were not all that bad to sit next to at all. I was telling Sim something about something but the waiter, who mind you was more than a total clutz the whole night, interupted whatever I was talking about, and I never regained the train of thought. I think whatever this thought was, it could have and very well might have been vitally important to the continuation of mankind. Oh well…

There were some younger, but very nice looking girls on stage tonight. Sim saw one that looked surprisingly familar, as did I. To bad I would never have a chance with a 13 year old that acts 5 times a week professionally. Non the less, I couldn’t stop thinking the entire night that I would have loved to have some people with us sitting in those two empty seats next to us. Again, oh well. Sim and I got to enjoy some great food, great music, great acting, and above all a great time.

When I got home, it was back to the DDR machine that PK left here. I hate to inform you of this PK, but I have gotten better…

There is 90% change I will update again tonight, perhaps after I shatter the rest of the high scores.