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The Bachelor Weekend

So I’m not really a bachelor… but I am alone this weekend.

Amber went to Nebraska to be with Amy for graduation… I had some obligations Friday and Saturday that I really didn’t want to try to get out of… On top of that, I really wasn’t in the mood for an 16 hour trip for a 1 day stay. I love my sister, and am very proud that she graduated.

That said, so far this weekend has felt like the single life for me… Which to be honest, is kind of a refresher for me. It’s good to get some time away from the wife for a little bit (sometimes).

The biggest change: the time at which I’m going to bed. I stayed up last night til 2:00. Tonight, I plan on doing the same. It’s funny, I seem to be at my best, both as a late night person, and an early morning person… I’m not very much of an afternoon person… I’ve also been watching movies while I work… which is something I used to always do on the weekend, but no so much since I’ve been married because my Wife wants to watch them with me, not while I’m on the computer.  I’ve also made a little bit of time for World of Warcraft :-).

I spent today coding and playing DnD with the group (2 very epic sized battles today…). Tonight I watched Nascar (I’ve barely done that at all this season, and was happy to catch the last 50 laps… Jeff’s mistake made me mad. Jeff’s charge from 12th to 4th in the last 15 laps made it all worth while. Now I’m going to write some more code, probably watch another movie… And maybe play a little bit more gameboy (I’ve been paying Fire Emblem for the DS).

Really (and this is going to sound bad) I’ve only missed Amber twice… Once while falling asleep last night… and then again today when I could find a good way to get rid of Alabaster (Amber is pretty good at that).

And since I feel like the proverbial multimedia reference must be made in this post, and I don’t have any of my DnD related stuff ready to go that is worth posting… I figure I’ll just post this: