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The Return of MSA Justin

There’s a version of me that comes around this time of year. Thanks to Joe, Dan, Steven, Adeeb, and well… me being better at what I do (and because I’m married, it hasn’t quite “come out” like it used to.

It’s a version of me that stays at MSA for hours on end, eating delivered pizza, drinking way to much soda, and moving computers, servers, wires, and software wherever I think it should go. Everything has to be just right. Everything has to be perfect. The goal: rebuilding the entire MSA network from the bottom up for yet another school year of student abuse.

The last few years, I haven’t been doing the full rebuild as much as I would have liked. Either due to not having new hardware to worry about, or servers that were lasting longer than normal. So things have gotten missed… Something that has been long overdue was redoing the server rack.

In fact, I’m not sure the last time anyone redid the server rack… it has to be at least 5 years ago now… So this afternoon, and most of this evening, Steven and I tore apart the entire rack. We moved severs to new spots in the rack. We re-cabled the sucker… And now, for the first time ever, I can see the backs of the servers without cables getting in the way… It is shall we say, “Clean” again.

We also rebuilt 1 of the servers… 3 more are slated to be “redone”, and I’m debating doing the 5th server just for the hell of it. We’re not quite done rebuilding the one we did today, but hopefully Joe can figure it out from where we left off tomorrow. I’ll leave him a note tonight.

I’ll try post a network diagram a little later this week… It’s surprising how complex we make it over at MSA 🙂 (although so dang cool too).

Oh, and some new computers come tomorrow as well (yay!)

I’ll try to give you a run down of what all I’m up to a little later this week (it’s going to be a week of code, because well… I’m wifeless for the moment.)

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  • Amber July 12, 2010, 2:46 am

    Don't drink too much soda!