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This Weeks Technology Purchases

I saw some good sales this week… so I decided to splurge a little bit to make some minor upgrades to the technology within “Arms reach” of me.

The first upgrade is to my storage… I purchased a 4TB external hard drive with built in raid from woot.com. Amber pointed it out to me on Saturday, and I couldn’t resist the backup goodness… It will almost double my physical storage within arms reach (Beast 2 contains 4x1TB hard drives + a 200GB, so not quite doubling beast2). The question always becomes why do I *need* this much storage… and the truth is I don’t… But, it allows me to make backups of backups. It also allows me to maintain my work log without having to delete anything (for those of you have never seen my “working” folder… I’ve got daily versions of files i’ve editted going back to  2006… For some files that means well over 700 copies of them…) I just have to decide now how I plan on plugging it in… eSATA I suppose… Afterall, whats the point in having 2 of these eSATA ports if you aren’t going to fill them with more data goodness.

I also purchased a microphone package from guitar center. I didn’t actually need a microphone… Or a cable. I only needed a stand. But I figured eh, for $25.00 + shipping, that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have an extra microphone (especially when you can’t even get a stand at the brick and mortar version of guitar center for less than $40.00). Ultimately, my real goal here was simply to get a mic stand that would give me enough “throw” that I could put it somewhere behind my desk, with the mic being in front of me. I didn’t want to get a desk mount though, because there are times where I’ll want to take it places.

I’m thinking about starting a new blog that isn’t technology related. But do I have the time?

World of Warcraft is releasing patch 4.0.1 tonight… To much work to be done to play it when it comes online late tomorrow… Maybe I can get a little gaming in late tomorrow night.

Minnesota sports seem to be as dissappoint as ever after Farve and Moss failed to beat NY Jets tonight… I blaim the first half of the game… Second half looked pretty good (and was fun to watch). Can’t wait til Farve and Moss get on the same page… Twins baseball is another story that has come and gone, so we won’t speak about it more than that. On the upside though, I’ve always got Nebraska Football to keep me happy. With ‘bama losing last weekend, Nebraska is now ranked 4.5… If we can beat Texas this weekend, we should be able to keep the BCS happy enough to warrant a stab at the title. So let’s see some more T-Magic from the guy I like to call T-mobile.

I think I will head to bed now… Afterall, I have more work in 6 hours.

– Justin

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  • PK October 12, 2010, 4:26 am

    Shoot, I missed the raid array! I really need to get my backup scheme finalized.

    For your "working" folder have you thought of running a SVN server so that you keep all of your history, but only have to look at the heads of each file.

  • Justin Gehring October 12, 2010, 4:41 am

    CVS, SVN, and GIT have all crossed my mind a number of times… In fact, I use SVN for archiving JR's key reusable code.

    However, SVN assumes a structure to my data… and on a daily basis, there is none. I could try to find some other organizational method, but everytime I have tried that, I find myself digging in folders for whatever I'm looking for (for example, one such tried layout was Client Name->Site Name->Site Version->Site Files) the problem was making sure that the files stayed in sync with the site… and then if I was to add SVN on top of that, I would have to make sure the SVN stayed up-to-date…

    So my random jumble of a folder-per-day containing all work from that day, might seem "chaotic", but when I want to find a file I was working on "last week", I can generally do so with great accuracy, where as having to pull that file out of SVN, etc. would be a relative pain.

    SVN also doesn't do the greatest job in the world with some of the file types that I'm working with on a daily basis (images are ok, video is probably a bad idea).

    It also acts as a poor man's backup ;-).