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2011 has arrived and with it some news toys and goals.

One of my new toys this year is an iPad. I had been thinking about getting one for some time now, but just couldn’t seem to bring myself to getting one. After all, who needs a tablet when you have a nice desktop at home.

Yet, here I am now writing a blog post in bed using my iPad.

It’s slower than my PC for this sort of thing, but now I can blog without waking Amber up. It also forces me to think more about what I write.

And I want to write more…

I think I’m going to try to blog almost nightly. I want to try to include details about my day and what I’ve accomplished. I want to treat this like the diary it was when I was a teenager.

And 2011 should bring plenty to blog about.

In case you missed the memo on Facebook, Amber is pregnant. It will be exciting for both of us as we get ready for the baby’s arrival on July 11th. To make it even better, Richard and Elizabeth are pregnant too. You have to love how life works out sometimes.

I should probably get on with my goal now…

I spent most of my day working on fixing a problem with a clients concrete 5 based website. Godaddy changed something that seemed to create nightmares for my favorite CMS. If you ever need web hosting for concrete5, either get it from concrete5 itself, or use someone like Westhost.

I also started working on a project for an app on my iPad. The app is called Flipboard, and it basically makes a magazine out of twitter feeds and Facebook. I want it to display a useful magazine for me, so i started working on something that would auto generate the content. I’ll post more on this when I make it public.

Amber and I went to her parents house to celebrate my birthday, belated style. We ate Yangs, played munchkin (Jill won), and finished with 2 rounds of Clue (Amber and I each won one). I also got a pretty cool new watch to replace the one I lost last year. Thanks Mike and Jill!

All in all: a good New Years Day.

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  • Amber January 2, 2011, 8:24 am

    Glad you are blogging again honey! Love you!