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Everybody Samba… Except XP

Ever tried to set up a Samba server? Did you get it working? Well, I spent the last 6 hours with Dan trying to get the Samba server working again at MSA. We at least got it back to where it was before we destroyed the network. In other words: it works with 98 machines, but if you try with an xp machine, you get shot…

This perplexing problem created by the stupidity of Microsoft changing protocols is now giving me a headache. I figure I’ll spend another 6 hours with it tommorow, and hopefully it is working… Otherwise I might just come home suicidal.

No one seems to be online but Kim, and now Alex. Sim seems to have gone to the Mall, I wonder who with and when he will be getting back. I wonder a lot of things. All of which, don’t really matter…

I think I am going to play some online pool before I fall off my chair from mental exhaustion.

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