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After a good sleep session until the afternoon of today, I imed Nikki at 12:30 in the afternoon and said “*yawn* what?”. She then had the brilliant idea that the group should go to the mall and we could all shop and spend money and just have a good old fashioned shin-dig of a time *those are my words*. So thats what we did, and after about 1:30 of showers, phone calls, and decisions, we got there. There I got to shop with Maria and Nikki for about 30 minutes before Sim and Chris arrived. It was then off to Aladdins while the girls visisted Victoria Secret. This is where we discovered DDR.

Well to say we discovered it would be a lie. We knew it was there all along and we were kind of in the mood to play. Not only that, but we are sure that the people who put it there found it long before us, so although it may have been the discovery of the day for me, it was not for the world as a whole. Either way to make the long story short, I played many Bus Stop songs. I like Bust Stop, especially the stuff they do with Kung Fu Fighting. However, that isn’t a DDR song. Needless to say, it was fun and I cleared 2 maniac songs, and not those cheap ones you see that only have 3 feet.

We even converted Chris into a DDR player. Next up Maria. I have no clue what it will take to get her to dance, but I figure one day we will get her. Then we will all find that she was holding out on us this whole time and can do maniac songs with little to no practice.

After that, I headed to church where Derek gave me a cd of pictures to post to the church website. I figure I will get around to that on Saturday or Sunday when I try to catch up on all the webwork I am behind on. I will probably do that as a break :-).

Something else happened there as well. The girls all got pulled aside for a chat. I am not completely sure I know what all it was about, and I am sure that it is a good thing I do not know. Either way, while they were inside chatting, the guys were all outside chatting. We ran into the perplexing issue of what if the president, vp, and house chair were all killed. We know this is a sad thought, but in these days, you never know what could happen.

Then off to Beth‘s for more DDR madness and pizza. Sim showed up as soon as band practice was over. Julie, Chris, Matt, and Jessami all came over as well to watch a movie. They also insulted my DDR skills and anyone who plays the game. We tried to get them to play, but either way. We all had a good time. All is good.

Nikki let me borrow her Alanis Morieset ?sp CD. It is ripping right now. I am sure all my guy friends are like… NOOOOoooo what have you done to him. Im sure all the girls are like, that so weird… All I know is her music is on KS95 all the time, so she must be good, and that she talks about problems from a girls point of view. This would be the view I understand least and have the most to gain from the music. More music is always good!

Now to sum up my day for those of you who only read the first and last paragraphs.
Adam19: so what was your night like
jrcorps2: well
jrcorps2: DDR
jrcorps2: ddr
jrcorps2: DDr
jrcorps2: brief movie
jrcorps2: drive home
jrcorps2: shower
jrcorps2: bed

Night all