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What a day. I know that last post didn’t make sense. It was overly rushed by some people that were informing me I was sitting at the completely wrong computer. This shows exactly how tired I was this morning after the exam. I thought I would mention here that I did something kind of stupid to rest more. I decided however that it didn’t belong in this post because someone might read it and scorn my actions. However, these actions needed to be taken to secure my well-being. It was well worth while I tell ya. Without it, I never would have surrived to the Board meeting at MSA.

Today was the 1st thursday of the month for those of you who can’t count. This means MSA board meeting. It is slowly approaching one of my last. That is, unless I run again. I will only do this if one of the candidates don’t have a challenge. It might be fun to serve another 6 months before graduating. Tonights board meeting lead to Dan, one of my most valuable co-workers/friends/associates at MSA. He is finally going to get paid for the work he does for Mr. Minsley and me. the only question is how much will he actually be able to make with his contract. That I am sure will all get figured out.

After the board meeting, I decided two things. One, that I needed food. Two, that I needed DDR. I thought it might be nice to go visit Damon’s for I hadn’t been their in over a week, and I felt that my partanage might have been missed. Nikki greeted as she left and as we arrived, but made sure to tell Mandy, our wonderful server, to treat us like shit. This only made us all laugh, except Mandy, who it confused. Either way, as I was informed later tonight that we should feel loved. You know, I almost do. 🙂

Rich and I then proceeded to go play a little DDR. Ok, so maybe it was a lot of DDR. I must thank the manager of Carmike for letting us play. Otherwise, it might have been a very very short night. Sim has improved his game and continues to do so. I’m getting to where I want to be, but not quite there. Either way, it felt good to work my legs again for the first time in like a week. I almost feel deprived.

By far and away the best part of the night was again my chat with Nikki. It was one of those rare chats that combined with the energy from DDR made me feel good. Hence, we gave this post a 10 in the mood scale. It’s been a good night, much better than my morning to say the least. And you know, I haven’t even played animal crossing yet tonight :-). Shout outs to the following people because of the following reasons:

Sim: Good friend, always has been, always will be!
Nikki: um… I’d say the same thing as sim, but that would sound funny. How about we say that you should be treated um, carefully :-). Love ya and remember cheeseburger plain!
Amber: You know, people assume to many things. See you tommorow at the game. Oh, and thanks for being so persistant about tickets and such!
Beth: Although we don’t talk much online, and haven’t seen each other in awhile, just wanted you to know… you still get a shoutout!
Rob: you know, after reading your profile, im not sure I want to give you one :-). Hope your having fun out there with the CSCI group while im stuck in political science… BAH
Evil Rob: Im only giving you a shout out because of Rob’s profile. Actually, I figure I owe you like 15 because I’ve never given you on before… hey does anyone know if we are selling pop at this years 1901 scheme tourny?
PK: Where’ve ya been? I should call ya up more even though im never on campus anymore. Come to church. Bring the pads! Or even better, get Derek some pads :-). We have Konamix you know… Hope your enjoying your stay out there at the Melrose, maybe I will join ya next year.
John: I really need to ride the bus next semester.. Ok, maybe not.. you just need to ride with me more often :-). C’ya tommorow I’m sure. Hey, what did I have to tell you by the way?
Here are the following people I just want to mention because they deserve to be on here but I want to go to bed for tonight: Mel *yes, ill include you in the main part sis, one of these times :-)* , Ben, Jon, Derek, Maria Jordan, Brian, Kyle, Dustin, Clone, Emily, Mark, Dan, Ben, D-D, Max, Keith, Nathan, Ian, The Bartz family, Alex, Katy, Breanna, Punty(Brendan), Julie, Jenny, Anna, RacinChick, Mikey hehe, Blaisedale (you owe Jon 1.50), Jason, Nick, Leah, Nils, Chrissy, Nikki, Will, Patrick, Char, Eric, Jean Grey :-), Tina, Chris, David, Adam, Simon, Phill, Sarah, Shruti, Mary, Anders, Yulia, Brandan, Brendan, Brandon, Cory, and Jermiah… You know I might not have listed a name twice if I had two people with the same first name. If I forgot you, I am sorry… I tried to hit everyone that mattered in my buddy list. Notice, they are in no particular order!

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