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Two Thumbs Up for Staged Acting

So tonights movie was: The Transporter. Despite the sci-fi like name, the movie is about a guy who moves items. Needless to say it is nothing but action. If you’ve seen XXX you’ll know what I am talking about. According to Sim, this movie was overall better. I guess I would agree with that just because I liked the car scenes better and the subtle comedy. But still, it was almost one for one with Vinn Diesal.

So whats that mean? It means that Nikki comes with to watch the guy take his shirt off. Speaking of people taking their clothes off: Has anyone ever had a chick just take off their clothes and say, “I am paying you back with sex”. Its a very interesting idea. All the guys do the work, and they get paid in sex…. Now if only that didn’t go against all my christian beliefs and my upright brining, I might actually think that was a cool idea. In reality, I am a one woman *two tops* kinda guy.

Church is in less than 7 hours unless I can talk my sister into being different. Odds of that happening: 1:2276709. Not quite as bad as if it was a power. Either way, I think thats where I will leave off tonight. Twins lost… oh well