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Home Alone 4

Ever felt like you were home alone in a house full of people? That was what today was like. I was home, but I wasn’t. I would clean up a mess here. I would make some koolaid there. I would drink to much of the koolaid. Then I would go back to my computer. This routine repeated itself throughout the day making it enjoyable.

I have fallen back onto Mario Sunshine as my Gamecube game of choice. I’ve racked up more stars in the last 48 hours than I had in the last 2 months. I’m just crusing along with my GADD built hose at my side.

Church was good this morning. It was a discussion on Islam and how it relates to Christianity *or unrelates in some cases*. We also had what sounds to be a really cool new way of praying for each other. It’s not really new. We just are doing it. I thought it was cool either way.

Not much more to say about today. Tomorrow its 7th Heaven!!! Always a blast I tell ya. Friends rock. Good friends rule. I would post more, but Im starting to drool. Okay, so I’m not, but it sounded good in text so I wrote it. NickD has told me to shut up now so I will… Bye!

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