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Dance Dance Motivation

I think I am mentally and quite possibly physically exhausted. After staying up late last night, I woke up and found myself all hyped to go play some DDR. Nikki, and two of her brothers beat me there of course, and so we played a quick game of paper rock scissors. Did that last sentence make sense? Well, we found some keys, broke into the youth room at church, played some DDR, played more DDR, and I am not quite sure, but I think we even played more after that.

During this time Derek showed up and I signed up for the Newsboys concert so that he could tell Jody the trip was full. I think this was a good choice. I am not sure why I am even hestitating. I love the Newsboys, I love the company. I don’t understand it at all… oh well I guess. I am going, so don’t make plans with me *unless your going as well*.

Soon, we found ourselves hungry so Nikki, I, and the kids *hehe inside joke … haha, thats even an inside joke!* went off to TGIF’s. We talked about football, girls down the street, school, food, our waiter, that new gold points card i got, mono, and Germans. It was very intellictual and I find it very enjoyable to spend time with the siblings-o-Nikki. After we got that new gold points card stuff all settled, I headed back to church so I could drop the 3 of them off and go waste some time at school.

As soon as school was over, it was back to church where I basically sat and listened for awhile. It was good I guess. I then headed home then back out to pick up Nikki so that we could go do the 7th Heaven and Everwood thing at Maria‘s. However, Maria‘s fell through because of homework, so instead it was off to Beth‘s to play more DDR. There we played DDR, more DDR, and well more DDR.

Now I am home. Trying to avoid homework. Trying not to think about this paper. It isn’t a very good one and I can tell. I think I am going to go print it and work on it in bed till midnight. This will give me the motivation to finish editing it so that I can sleep. It will remove the distraction that is the computer. It will also allow for better overall work. So that’s what I am going to do.

In more creative thinking today: Often times guys find girls actions, decisions, or motivations to be confusing. Other times, girls find it hard to understand what a guy is doing. Rarely do I hear people complain about what a guy is doing to a guy, or vice versa. This caused me to call into question what this could mean. I soon discovered that you only hear these complaints *for the most part* in relationships where the people are dating. Knowing this, you then start to compare just relationships. This starts a whole new mess of creative ideas. These ideas will now be paused. Why? because my creative idea to work from bed has taken precendence now in my head. Night all.

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