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Today is election day. This is the day everyone looks forward to because it is the day that we will all stop hearing about what politicians did and did not do while in office. It means less negative ads about people and more positive ads about soap. Political ads do not belong on TV. They belong on my website and on other’s websites and on the side of cars that are missing paint. They don’t belong on my entertainment! Ok, enough aout that.. I am so tired I am not even sure about that.

Beth is boycotting a DDR MAX machine because of the owner. I guess this makes sense.. but hey, I would go after the owner and maintain my fun playing the game. Sounds like she is going to.

I am so far gone mentally. I am so far gone physically. The combination of DDR, homework, school, friends, church, family, and various other things have all taken their tole. I think I just need more sleep so that’s what I am going to get tonight. I wish everyone who reads this tonight a good evening. Enjoy your sleeping. Enjoy your time. Get sleep, for it is the place where all your dreams seem real. I think this is how Disney does it…. They just put you to sleep on the airplane to Orlando and then say you spent time in Disney World. Who knows :-)? I will go there some day with my kids. I will go there someday a lot with my kids. I will then say, there used to be a ride here, and there used to be this ride here, and you’re to short for this ride how ’bout we ride the ponys? I will use my outdated maps from 1992 and be unable to find Tommorow Land because they moved it to Adventure Land. This is where my future is heading, and I will enjoy every minute of this peaceful time with my family.

Wasn’t I going to bed 5 sentences ago?

Sim, why don’t our schedules match anymore? I blaim different schools. I got to thinking I want to play Ultima again, then I tried to surf a webpage and changed my mind. It’s so sad to be removed from a world that was so peaceful and where you felt like nothing could harm you but that dragon 5 feet behind you.

There’s a good topic of conversation: Is there anything in Justin’s life that he has made himself vulnerable to and if so, why has he done it? I know the simple answer: Yes there are things Justin has made himself vulnerable to. He has done it to rely on others and to be a better overall friend. It is a sign of trust. It is a sign of love. It is a sign of hope in others and in the world. Sometimes it’s amazing I can take jumps like that in my sentence structure.

I am off now, really I am.. ok so maybe not, but I will say goodnight to everyone. Goodnight everyone.

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