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This won’t be much of a post after the post I made earlier today. Why is that you ask? Because in reality, I am sick of sharing. Why should I try to share fun and logical things about my life when not once to I ever unleash the full extent of what is running through my mind? I know why I don’t unleash it . It is because I believe that it would be rude to others. I don’t want to be rude to others. Therefore I won’t release it. Justin gets along with everyone, and as Sim put it, this leads to a lack of self-idenity. That’s to bad for me, but at least I know I can define myself by my friends. Of which, I have the best.

So what news do I have to give? I have been accepted to the University of Minnesota’s IT department. What does this mean? Nothing really. There are two types of people in this world: Those who think congradulations are in order and those who think that I could still achieve more and that this was an ace in the hole for me. Really, I am not sure which is the right mood to take. All I know, is that it is behind me, and because of this, I am happy.

I think I am going to start working on a paper before I even get the assignment sheet. Why you ask? Probably because it will take me a few weeks to do this paper the way I want to do it. I plan on going comic style and seeing if I can get away with it. Who knows :-). I always liked putting that scanner to use.

Nikki is staying at Amber‘s this weekend. Plans have been made to go to the MOA on Saturday. What does this mean for fridays plans? Are there friday plans? What about Saturday plans? Why is it despite these plans, I still feel that something is missing from these plans? Do I have enough LEDs? Did that last question come out of no where? Ok enough with the questions. Yeah right…

Just to ask, what do my readers what to see more of? Should I be doing more crazy tangents on normal objects, or should I be telling about my day and how I felt through it? Do you think I should be saying more of the romantic side of my life *if there is one*? Should I try to do more of the hidden meaning thing by using metaphors and substitution. You tell me by IMing me or EMailing me. I have always wanted more input.

So Word Up!

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