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The Final Wait

So for the third time this semester, I am updating from a university computer. I don’t normally do this because like I have probably said before, my schedule is so tight that I never find a need for coming to a university machine. However, today I have two hours to kill between class and on-the-spot admissions. So here I sit. Waiting. With little to nothing to do. I know this sounds sad, but really, it is kind of relaxing. My weekend has more or less started with the exception of having to go to MSA to work after admissions, and I am overall just having a very simple day.

This note is for John and for anyone else that goes to the University that reads my webpage. As most of you probably know, Walter is ALWAYS full. This makes it unfavorable to attend there because you can never get a spot on a Windows machine without waiting for an extended period of time. I have found a solution to this problem *besides owning your own laptop or having an IT account*. Instead of going to Walter, go to another lab. Well some would say, but Lind is gone! Well fear no more. There is a lab in the basement of Folwell. They seem to have about 30 computers, of which, not all of them are in use. Some even have a scanner for your usage. The only thing I am not sure about is how you pay for printing. If I am lucky, I can use my U card because thats the cool and simple way to pay for printing.

I will now begin the long process of cleaning my Hotmail inbox. There are something like 113 messages waiting to either be deleted, saved, or forwarded to my long term address. Here are some of the more interesting emails that I thought were worth mentioning here on the page:

*This is from a reply I wrote:* What is growing in your faith? Does this just mean understanding more about your religion? Does it mean that you have more faith in God than you did before? Or does it mean something more personal, like how close you feel to Jesus.

*Received 2 weeks after he was gone:* I will be out of town Thursday through Saturday….therefore I will not hold office hours this Thursday or Friday.

Please send this out to “the List”…. *What list? Should I just send it out to my address book? What do people expect from me?*

Here is your homework, have a good morning I love people who send me my homework, especially when I am the one who sent it

Stat of the Week – For the first time in 348 college football weeks the Cornhuskers won’t be ranked in the AP Top 25. That’s like Maxwell House forgetting how to make coffee. Why do people remind me of bad things?

Much better… now there are only 33 emails. So what did I realize in cleaning my inbox? That I have a backlog of webwork that isn’t even funny. Did I know this? Yes. Did I care? No. Do I care now? A little. When will I do it? Maybe tonight? Maybe Tommorow? Who knows? Why do I ask myself these questions for you to hear? Why are you listening? Stop listening.

So now to our logical thinking of today. Why are bathroom stalls not sound proof. The way I see it is that no one wants others to hear while they are going to the bathroom. Even more so: No one wants to hear others going to the bathroom. Knowing this, why do they only protect the human mind from the sight of filth. Why not protect the human mind from the sight, smell, and sound of filth? They could make individual bathrooms for everyone. This would be more private and generally more user friendly. Just think, they can get a bathroom in a port-o-potty, why not get a full bathroom into a few little rooms. I may be completely wrong, but perhaps this isn’t a problem of design, but a problem of society. Perhaps society should enjoy the thrills of the bathroom. If this is the case, why not do away with all the walls and good smelling soaps. This would save on money and would elminate anyone who thinks it is a bad idea for it not to be more private. This extreme seems less appealing to me, but hey, you may be into it.

I’ve noticed that many of my posts have been bathroom related. Maybe because that is the only time I really have to think anymore. Even then, the only thing that I can ever get in my mind is how to go to the bathroom with the utmost effecientcy. Ok, so thats not true. But what is true, is that I don’t spend that much time there and thats a good thing because I don’t have that much time to spend.

An hour now remains till I go to this meeting. Friends is on tonight, so I think I will watch that after work. I don’t know if there is anything else I should or want to do tonight. Maybe I will sit here and plan for a while.

Hey look people are walking into the room here. We must be between periods here at the U. Who knows, people were leaving 5 minutes ago. I like how you can examine these weird patterns.

Speaking of weird patterns: I think the radio is out to tell me something. It has been playing the same songs everytime i get in the car. This normally wouldn’t seem weird, but they are not songs I hear everyday on the radio. I mean, who plays a song like Word Up anymore? Either way, it’s scarying me .

Ok, I really have to stop writing now because I am getting tired of it. Bye!

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