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Champ(ion)s of Woodbury

I don’t feel like I have been up that long today. Oh wait… I haven’t. In reality, I’ve only been up 9 hours. That just isn’t any good. I have a test tommorow so I must sleep now, but that’s ok. I will sleep now shortly. But first, another post for you all to read.

School: Whats the point in talking about it? I was very attentive in lecture today while my professor lectured on the Kidney and how its pressure and osmolarity differences make it possible for you to excrete only a liter a day as opposed to the 24 to 1000 liters you would be excreting otherwise *this depends on what part of the system you want to look at to determine where it stops.. So many features I tell ya*. Maybe this is just my way of saying: Good job JJ, you are actually starting to make sure you learn the stuff so that you past this last exam and the final. Good for you!

After class it was time to start the Monday night 7th Heaven/Everwood feativities. I met Nikki up at church where we talked with Derek about he new church website that is soon to be coming and about just other things in life. He said something that I never really took the time to notice much and that was how Nikki and I are having impacts on each others lives. I suppose this journal shows that pretty well over the ages, but I have never formally noticed it before. For some reason however, this conversation scared me. I am still working out the details why.

Derek then sent us to Champs where we *Maria joined us* ate some good food while being served by a training waiter and his friend, Mr. Wilson. After that, it was more food from the grocery store. I think this is the first time that we perhaps didn’t over do it. Maria might have with her Juice, but hey, at least I didn’t come home with a bag of chips.

The girl went after the guy tonight. WOOT! Now she is torn between two. Everwood seems to be ranking up there for some reason on my list of shows. Of course it will probably just turn into one of those shows like 7th Heaven where the story becomes a little to repetive, but hey… its fresh, its new, and I get to share it with two really cool people every monday night.

Other news for tonight. Amber updated again 🙂 woot! We like people who update there site. Amber seems to be the only site lately with new Content, besides John and Alex. Either way, like I said before, soon there will be a new church website, and because I didn’t create it this time around, I might actually put it to more use. Well people, I am going to go clean now for a little while then head to bed. Night.

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