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Turkey Day

Today was Turkey day. I ate turkey. I ate food. I ate. I ate more. I ate even more than that. This is what I did. I also finished my room. It’s pretty cool in my mind to have a clean room again for multiple reasons. Number 1: Due to the removal of some furniture and junk, my floor space has increased. This means more room for friends, legos, and just plain fun. It also gives me the feeling that my room is larger.

The Number 2 thing that changed in my room was the lighting. I rearranged some plug-ins and some lights so that now my room is lit by christmas lights when you throw the lightswitch as opposed to the lights in the middle of my room turning on. I also changed the bulb in my closet to be a black light as opposed to the white light we normally had. This change in lighting gives my room more of a club like feel, not to mention the arrangement of speakers in my room to again give it a club like feel… Wait a second.. maybe my room is now a mini club.. what do ya know :-).

The rest of the house is also being torn apart to be rearranged. Nothing to big though, just some exercise equipment. Hopefully that will be all done by tommorow because I hope to maybe have some people over in the afternoon. Who knows.

So I suppose the last thing I should mention here is what I am thankful for this year. The number one thing on my list is my family. I have a great family that loves me and lets me get away with treating them with relatively little time. They push me to do my best and I push them to tolerate it :-). I love them, they love me. Second on my list are my friends: Sim, Nikki, Amber, Maria, PK, Derek, Mel, John, Jon, Alex, Beth, Rob, Jordan, Brian, Jerimiah, Kimmy, Chrissy, Nikki, Julie, Matt, Shayla, Dan, Ian, Megan, Katie, Jessami, Chris, Emily, Brendan, Brendon, David, Ben, Mike, Cory, Nick, Mikey, Kyle, Sarah, Anders, Yulia, Kevin, and anyone else that escaped my mind while trancing over my past year. Life is good, God is good. God is Great!

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