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So this is going to be one long day. I mean, really long. After leaving here last night to go study, I found my bed and began the wonderful process of doing so. I got through roughly 200 questions of studying with about 150 more to do when I decided that sleep would help me more on the test than doing the questions would. So I tried to sleep

Needless to say, I didnÂ’t. I started thinking about what I am going to do about Christmas this year. It is just so mindboggeling. I just donÂ’t know what to do. So either way, I thought about that till at least 2:30am when finally something allowed me to fall asleep.

I was soon awakened by the sound of my alarm going off at 6:00 so that I could go take my 8:00 am final. YEAH! I stumbled out of bed, got read and pumped to test, and got here. The first good piece of news that hit me was that I had 7 more points to work with than I had originally thought due to some bad memory and lack of checking my scores. I then went and took the test that I didnÂ’t do that badly on. I would say what my score was, but I bet some people would look down on it, so I wont.

Right after I finished the test I walked outside to head to the computer lab. On my way there I ran into non other to Rob, Mark, and guy whose name I always forget who owns a really cool shop that sells Nintendo Games. They were on their way back to the dorms, so I followed. There we played a little DDR on this really cool freeware game. Then two left and only two remained. So I played Tetris while Rob packed his room to leave for town. Right about now, youÂ’re probably wondering, why wasnÂ’t I helping. Well, I was when needed. I helped him pack up his contraband, load up his car, and break the Tetris high score. I also took all of the stuff that belong to PK in hopes that I will get it back to him before Rob could. So if your are reading this PK, I have your shirt, Tetris game, and um.. I think thatÂ’s it.

After Rob left town to head home for winter break, I headed back to the computer. That is where I am now. I am still debating this Christmas idea in my head, but I am not letting it consume me. Soon I will start studying for my Economics final. This will be my last test before I am officially done for the year. Another Yay! To that.

I also happened to be going through my email again today. Ran into one of those chain letters that I normally delete or send to Junk Mail. Nikki, however, found a way past my Junk Mail filter.. So I ended up doing it anyway. Of course, I never send out junk mail. I just SPAM it to my site. I think I have done this once before, but I couldnÂ’t find the post so I just thought I would do it again and make you all happy. So here goes:

What time is it? 12:28PM

Name as it appears on birth certificate: Justin Ron Gehring

Nickname(s): JJ, Doughboy, PopÂ’n Fresh, Richard.. ok so that last one isnÂ’t a nickname but I get called it all the time.

Number of candles on your last Birthday cake?: 17

Birthday: 12/28/84

Pets: Dead

Hair color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

How much do you love your job?: I love it so much. They give me a cell phone, and a paycheck, and I get to work with computers!

Hometown: Woodbury

Current Residence: Woodbury

Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Pasta, Fish, Steak, Hamburger, IÂ’m American, can you tell?

Been to Africa?: No

Been toilet papering: KindaÂ…

Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: yes

Been in a car accident?: Yes, but I was twoÂ… does that count?

Crouton or bacon bits? Crouton

Favorite day (s) of the week: Fridays for the night, Sundays for the day

Favorite Restaurant:

Favorite flower: WhiteÂ… the kind you use to bake cookies.

Favorite sport to watch: Football

Warner Bros or Disney: Disney

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Culivers

What color is your bedroom carpet?: White

How many times did you fail your drivers test? Is this a trick question.. I didnÂ’t fail it.

Person you got an e-mail from before this? Nikki

Do you sing in the shower?: Did you really want to know this? Yes.

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Best Buy

What do you do most often when you are bored? Sleep, Chat, Drive, Program

Bedtime: On Average, Midnight.. when I actually had one.. 8:00pm

Who will reply to this e-mail the quickest? No one, I refuse to send it via email.

The person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? Everyone, why would they email meÂ… I just put a link to my email address at the bottom for the fun of it. ReallyÂ…

Favorite TV show(s):

Mondays: 7th Heaven/Everwood

Tuesdays: JAG/Fraiser

Wednesdays: Star Trek Enterprise but I am never home so..

Thursdays: Friends, Will and Grace, ERÂ… ItÂ’s must see TV people

Friday-Sunday: I have better things to do on the weekend.

Overall: Boy Meets World

Last person you went out to dinner with?: Nikki (Monday, 12/16)

Ford or Chevy?: Ford Exploders all the way

Domino’s or Pizza Hut?: Domino’s for the thin crust, Pizza Hut for the Stuffed

Coke or Pepsi?: PEPSI!

Favorite Color? I have a string at home. It’s a blue, kind of shiny.. If I remember correctly, it’s DMC® Embroidery Floss #3843 – Electric Blue.

Best looking older generation Actress?: Older Generation? They had women then? Because I can only name like 3Â… Meg Ryan

Best looking new generation Actress?: Kirsten Dunst on an average day, maybe Jessica StylesÂ… I have this thing for girls that have attitudesÂ…

Best looking older generation Actor? Bob Dole and you know it, he should be old and decaying by now!

Best looking new generation Actor: You think I can judge my generations sense of style? UmÂ… Bob DoleÂ… Hey.. he was in a pepsi ad!

Bath or shower?: Shower day to day, AmberÂ’s Hot Tub however beats them all down

Favorite movies?: Matrix, Star Wars, Titan AE, Sphere, Mr. HollandÂ’s Opus, and there are some chick flicks that probably rank up there too.. I just never took the time to remember their titles. How about Meet Joe Black, that was the most recent one.

What do you do to calm yourself when u are stressed?: Justin? Stressed? HaÂ… That um.. DoesnÂ’t happenÂ… Ok, so it does.. How about: Stop sleeping, Stop eating, Stop Drinking, and Focus on the one thing standing in your way. Yourself.

Favorite season?: Winter, gotta love snow!

Favorite type of music?: African ChantsÂ… Or anything else in my mp3 collectionÂ…. Something I can dance too perhaps.

Favorite person to hang out with? Is this question fair? Therefore, we will go with a modified answer from Nikki: Everyone, especially Amber J.

Favorite Number: 42

How many times have you filled this out?: three

Who will you email it to: No one

How many people will read it? 15 +/- 15

What time is it now? 12:57

How many questions have you added to this test?: 6

Does that make you feel special?: Yes

Is their anything else hidden here: Yes

Can I see it? Maybe

Do you see things?: Yes, dead people

Do you hear things?: Yes, tetris music

Are you religious: Yes, Christian

Who is your Office Word Assistant: Einstein

Planned Major in College: Computer Science

Number of doors on your bedroom: 2

Have you ever sneaked out: nope

Favorite Location on Earth: a park bench on a cliff in North Dakota

Most recent score on a test: 110 out of what?

Any other comments? Yes, I shouldnÂ’t have wasted my time adding things.

Anything else? NopeÂ…

Ok, so now back to whatever else I am doing.

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