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Not really all that much new between now and earlier. Just really wanted to mention that I uploaded a few stories. None of them were written for this site, which I guess is true of all of them… But what I am trying to say is that those are school works that have meaning behind them, just not as much. They aren’t my most favorite of writings, but I thought I would post them anyway for people to read. Maybe I’ll pull out the old Macintosh and see if I can’t write anything on their of decent quality.

New Comic at The Onus. Maybe with the new year, we are looking at more comics? Maybe not… Who knows… Encourage Sim to keep writing, I want to know where my twinkies went! Wait a second… is he calling me fat? 🙂

I need more water. I need to play Animal Crossing. I need to get my clock back on schedule. I need to finish the laptops at MSA. I need to start coding for another project. I need to code John‘s website. I need to talk. I need to listen. I need to know! So hear me now Mr. President… TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!

I wanted two episodes of Boy Meets World today. One of them scares me to watch because I know it happens. If you want to know what episode I am talking about, do a little research into the only episode where Ben Savage’s brother, Fred Savage, guest starred. The first one had a good ending. Best Friend Vs. Girlfriend and how to have both at the same time… NOT LIKE THAT YOU SICK PEOPLE! Such a good show I tell ya!

I go now… Bye

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