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Have I been posting?

So I haven’t really had a good post in the last 48 hours, so I will see what I can do about that now…

Let’s start with an idea for a section on this site. I am not sure if I want to go forward with it, but let me run it by you. What if I put together an online planner/agenda of what Justin is doing when. This way I know what I am doing and can find it out anywhere I can gain access to the internet. I would also have the feature of allowing others to add stuff to my agenda, but only in a different color so that I would have to approve them if I wanted to do them. It’s just an idea… The problem with it is that then stalkers would know exactly where and when I am and how they can get me. That bothers me a little… But hmm… Maybe password protect it for my friends? Not a bad idea either. Well, either way, I might start coding that in my spare time here at the U.

Speaking of spare time, today after my CSCI class I will have at least 2 hours until I need to be on a bus to Woodbury. Knowing that, I am thinking one of four things… I could go to Rob’s apartment and play N64 for an hour. I could come back here and program or study. I could hop a 50 to hennipin ave. then walk a few blocks to Gameworks and play some DDR. I could start a snowball fight outside the front of EE/CSCI. That would be fun. Who knows. I will probably go back to Rob’s unless I can talk them into a little DDR action.

I don’t know what the plan is tonight or if there even is one. There’s lots of snow on the ground so there is a chance no one will want to drive anywhere. Maybe I will just go sledding instead.

I could also play Ultima. I have been playing a lot of that lately. I have 10,000 ingots to burn away to nothing in hopes that sooner or later I GM blacksmithy. One day I will… but until then? who knows.

I have been relatively secluded the last 48 hours as well. Playing UO in my own little world, not really calling people, people not really calling me. The only thing I left my house for on Saturday and Sunday was to go see Jesus Christ Super Star.

Well I gots to get to CSCI.

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