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Can’t sleep…

I am awake still. I had plans on going to bed roughly 40 minutes ago. I went there, but it didn’t seem to do to the trick. I really didn’t do much today, but if I don’t get to bed I won’t do much tomorrow either, which would be a bad thing for 3 reasons. 1) I have a calc midterm at 10 in the morning that if I’m not awake for could mean very very bad things. 2) I get home around noon, which, if I am tired will mean I won’t have any fun. 3) I have to drive early as well to get to a lab to hand in some homework I half-assed earlier tonight.

I did end up going to church tonight. That was good I guess. Talked with Amber and just about everyone else. We had free pizza and pop while a guy spoke on a organization called TEC. I’ve more than likely missed my chance at it, but that’s ok. Derek’s a little concerned with me on multiple levels right now. One of the big ones has been my withdrawl from church. I have yet to register for anything after easter. I have now missed like 3 sundays in a row. I have also missed last sundays youth worship in exchange for Subway.

It’s all ok though. I’m actually in a pretty good mood about everything right now. My not going to church events has little to do with how I feel about God right now, and more how I feel about being social. Maybe that will change soon, maybe not.

It did give me this cool idea to get my closest friends and go on a retreat with just them to camp sham. But, not only is it not feasible, it’s something they probably wouldn’t be interested in doing. I think that might be the one of the big things missing from my relationships with some of my friends… Talking about God. I should try to work more of that in.

Amber’s site is workinging nicely. She has most of the things she wanted now. A few more touch-up’s and she should be set. John needs his code, which I will hopefully do soon as well. I don’t know, maybe I’ll convince Nikki to move over to JR Corps :-).

The poll will run through Sunday I think.

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