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Well, not a very eventful morning from most perspectives. Woke up and came up stairs to an email in my inbox I was expecting. The message said delivery could not be sent, followed by a message about what was sent. I then realized two things: I never sent that email, and tha my mom had been on the computer since I went to bed.

This lead to me calling her in and asking her what all she read this morning. As it turns out, she opened an email which appeared to be from a family member. To her, it looked like an email containing nothing that she opened and just didn’t realize what it did. To me, it said KLEZ, THROW ME AWAY NOW. Well, it was to late by the time I found it to do anything about it’s affects. My mom had unleased it well over an hour ago, so by my estimates, it probably sent at least 1 if not 2 or 3 vollys of email.

It’s off my system now. After some cleaning and the such. I also took out a backdoor that I forgot I had running on my system. Back in the good old days of BO. No, I don’t hack. Yes, I can hack. Why don’t I hack? Because it’s stupid. It gets you in trouble for trying to find information you could probably find out easier just by asking the person. I don’t claim to be an expert hacker or anything either.. Don’t take me wrong. I just know enough to get my way around some of my own security barriers that I run into from time to time.

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