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1 Month

Welcome to Amber’s and mine, 1 Month Aniversay! What does this mean? Where are we going? Where have we been? Love conquers all as they say. So we will probably celebrate by going to a grad party together, and perhaps a house warming. So far, today, though, hasn’t gotten off to a very good start. *no worries though*

I woke up to find a strange lady outside my window. Seeing as I don’t like people being able to see in my room when I just wake up in the morning, I was a little distressed by this. I quickly rolled out of bed, *yes, rolled so as to fall on the second bed, then floor* got dressed, and went out to tell my dad we had a friggen survey crew in our yard at 9 in the friggen morning. On a Saturday no less… Wait.. it is saturday right?

I got over that fast enough and came upstairs to work on some stuff. One of which was to play Ultima for a little while, maybe work on some magic resist and my new garden. So to work on my resist, I go to this place known as the crypts which are just north of my house. I headed up there and didn’t have to much trouble. Just pounding on wrathe’s, ghouls, and your typical assortment of undead. So, just as I start to get mobbed by like 7 of these things, my client crashes. I’m sitting here thinking.. no friggen way. So I logged back in only to see I was dead. I then tried to recover my stuff, but that of course didn’t work seeing as when you come back from the dead, your not quite ready to fight, on top of which, there were at least 7, if not more than 7 by now, creatures hovering over my body, as if to say, if you come back, we’ll kill you again. So that’s what they did… because I did come back. I think I have a plan for next time though. I think I’ll keep my other guys in the house so that I just have to leave, run, get one of them, log in, have them kill all the stuff that was there, pick up the stuff, and leave. Eh, no biggie, it just means I have to make another trip to minoc to pick up some seeds from the monsters up there. Erg, what a waste of 5 perfectly good plants.. SHOOT.. I had my barrels on me as well.. What the heck was I thinking.. ERG. Note to self: don’t carry your garden when going someplace where you might die.

Ok, so if you haven’t guessed, I’m done playing for now. Maybe I’ll go back to something simple for awhile, Like lumberjacking. That’s fairly harmless 90 percent of the time. Well. This post is out, it’s time for me to get on with my day.

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